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About Us
  • About Us

    Haier Group, founded in 1984, is a fortune 500 company and the fourth largest white goods manufacturer in the world. Beijing Haier IC Design Co., Ltd. is a professional IC enterprise invested by Haier Group, and is the only video and audio chip design company. Our company was founded in June, 2000, located in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Park, the company's R&D personnel accounted for 80%, the company's initial products to digital TV set-top box chips, gradually developed to codec, multimedia, network and other products, since 2003, the first chip market, has sold more than 200 million.

  • Development History

    In 2000, the company was established and formally entered the integrated circuit industry.

    In 2001, the first MPEG2 decoding chip was developed in China. Mr. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, announced the launch of patriot I at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

    In 2003, developed the decoding chip for satellite digital TV receiver, the first in China.

    In 2004, the satellite digital television receiver demodulation chip was developed.

  • Our Honor

    In 2003, the company successfully realized the industrialization of the first digital TV decoding chip with independent intellectual property rights in China. Up to now, there have been nearly 20 kinds of channel demodulation, source decoding, TV SOC, HINOC and CDR chips on the market. Up to now, the company has sold more than 200 million kinds of chips. The company has undertaken and participated in 3 national major projects, 1 national key RESEARCH and development plan, and 13 provincial and ministerial projects.


Our Advantages

Expert Team
high cost performance ratio
Abundant resources
technology accumulation