Wholly advancing the industrialization course of digital television of China
     Having complete intellectual property decoding chip of digital television




Haier(Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd is a business of new advanced technology invested in and established by the Haier Group. It is located in the Beijing Zhongguancun Advanced Science and Technology District. The company incorporates a batch of designers with rich designing experience and excellent performance in the domestic IC design industry. Currently, it is one of the most proficient designing groups in the country in terms of teamwork. It has the most outstanding design specialists in the area of designing process structure, product design behavior grade design, RTL design, realization of designs, design verification, development of complete machine, test of products, etc.
The company adopts the latest international TOP-DOWN designing technological process and effects strict control of the designing technological process. It has developed the Haier HiPatriot DTV  chipsets and the complete STB/DTV system that have obtained full and independent intellectual property rights by means of researching independently and adopting the first class international designing service and applying 0.18μm, 130nm CMOS technique, includes  DVB-S
The company has adopted the brand new encouraging system and introduced the creation style of Silicon Valley business to grant the employees facilities and realize personal values in the course of prosperity of the business.
The company will provide clients with products and solutions with core technology that have our country independent intellectual property rights in the fields of digital cable television, digital satellite television, digital record and play, etc.
Haier(Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd. wishes to cooperate in a broad range and seek common development with domestic and foreign business, institutions and science and research institutes.



The developmental direction of products

The digital audio and video decoder and the complete industrialization system solution with a representation of Digital Television.


The mode of technical development

Having the core technology of integrate circuit (MPEG, MCU, QPSK, QAM, etc.)
The ability of design for complete machine.
We combine software and hardware for our development.
We'd like to cooperation with the complete machine factory , and the chips are open to the society.