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Haier (Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd is a business of new advanced technology invested in and established by the Haier Group. It is located in the Beijing Zhongguancun Advanced Science and Technology District.

Mainly engaged in the field of audio and video, network, communication chips and total solutions research and development

The main products have satellite 、Cable and Terrestrial STB demodulators and decoders chipsets;Flat-panel TV chipsets;Broadband chipset CDR/DAB/FM chipsets and so on. At the same time, offering customers Competitive system solutions.

The company has adopted the brand new encouraging system and introduced the creation style of Silicon Valley business to grant the employees facilities and realize personal values in the course of prosperity of the business.

Haier(Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd. wishes to cooperate in a broad range and seek common development with domestic and foreign business, institutions and science and research institutes.

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